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These videos give you a brief, top-level introduction into the work of Dr. Flower and his keys to unlocking your potential. They explain the science behind his methods and how, by taking his simple assessments, he can give you a custom plan that builds on your strengths and removes the obstacles that are blocking your path to success.

An Introduction

An introduction to the THE SCIENCE OF POTENTIAL by its creator, Dr. Robert J. Flower.

Episode #1: The Principles of Potential

An overview of the concept of The Three Categories and The Thirteen Principles of Natural Intelligence.

Episode #2: Decoding Potential

The Biology of Potential and Dr. Langham’s findings of natural intelligence in cellular development Dr. Steve Beller explains how computer-based assessments reveal a person’s potential.

Episode #3: The Human Character Formula

An introduction to the concept: A+B=C, and how if you know two of the 

characteristics, you can determine the third. Professional golfer Max Buckley talks about how he used this formula to take his game to the next level.

Episode #4: The Major Restrictions

What are Restrictors and how to they stop people from achieving functional potential? In this episode, Dr. Flower talks about people he has helped with this method. He also explains how you can take his simple assessment tests to determine your own restrictors so together you can make a plan of how to overcome them.

Episode #5: The Science of Change

Scientists now believe that the cell membrane is a switchboard and you can re-wire your DNA. Geneticist Dr. Myrna Watanabe explains this latest scientific idea with examples of the benefits of cuddling a baby and the tragic genetic legacy of smokers.

Episode #6: Life Skills


​How does knowing the master prototype and polarity determine a person’s specific challenge?  Dr. Flower shares case studies of people who have successfully used this method to achieve positive outcomes in sports, education, overcoming addiction.​

Episode #7: Bio-Genetic Programs

DNA profiles and Bio-Frequency can be used to determine personality traits and character assessment, which can then lead to positive change. Dr. Flower talks about how there are now resources available, such as books, web coaching and special sessions that can help people achieve success.

Episode #8: Understanding Natural Intelligence

What is Natural Intelligence and how does it affect Major and Minor Thinking? By understanding your Natural Intelligence and Thinking System you can achieve the clarity and change needed for success.

Episode #9: The Holy Grail Plan

Dr. Flower explains the all-encompassing Holy Grail Plan, how it compares to the Potential Model, and how you can use a unifying theory to achieve success in every aspect of your life, including sports, education, overcoming addiction. Dr. Gary Billings talks about how it can also work for business.

Episode #10: Becoming A Certified Coach

Dr. Bob has successfully taught these techniques in one-on-one sessions and large college classes. Here he explains how, once certified, you can use these techniques in sessions with your clients to help with issues in education, emotional health, sports and addiction. Olympic coach Brad Cox explains how they helped him and how he uses them to help others.

Bonus Episode: A Lesson In Epi-Genetics


Dr. Myrna Watanabe explains in greater depth the recent scientific concept of epi-genetics and environment.

Bonus Episode: Using Computer Assessments


Dr. Steve Beller explains in greater depth the process and advantages of computer-based assessments.

Bonus Episode: A New Way To Learn And Teach


John Dolgetta explains in greater depth about a revolutionary new way of approaching education.

Bonus Episode: A New Approach To Higher Education

Educator John Dolgetta explains in greater depth about a new approach to higher education.

Bonus Episode: A Quick Explanation of DNA


Dr. Myrna Watanabe explains in greater depth how our DNA works and why it is important.

Bonus Episode: An Actual Reading


Dr. Robert J. Flower and Dr. James S. Striano help discover what is blocking a patient from achieving her goals in this actual reading session.

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