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Dr. Robert Flower has written multiple books describing Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI), the cornerstone of the Science of Achievement. Several thousand case studies have proven that NaTI provides unique and invaluable insights about perceptions, awareness and learning. This provides the foundation for our Science of Achievement Programs.

21 Halladay Avenue​


Robert J. Flower's first property he ever listed as a Realtor was 21 Halladay
Avenue, an address he'll forever associate with the fear, ignorance,
naïveté, and insecurity he felt at age twenty-two. So began a career in real estate that has lasted decades. Over the years, he's grown to view fear as a means of moving forward and improving, and what leads to the spirit of success.

In sharing his story, Dr. Flower demonstrates the phenomenal results that anyone can enjoy with the right mindset. Find out how you can do the same with these entertaining and informative stories that reveal how to achieve more than you ever thought possible with a spirit of success.

Decoding Potential


​This book presents a revolutionary system for personal philosophy applicable to just about any situation. Dr. Flower presents a positively fantastic and groundbreaking theory of potential, based in nature, which scientifically and philosophically supports virtue as a life model.


Reviewers have called it "an intellectually stimulating contribution to academic discussions and socio-psychological collegiate reference literature." Kate St. Amour's review on says its "mind blowing" and that  it "expertly weaves together the works of Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Newton, Einstein; science and mysticism. The teachings of Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Christ blend and coalesce into a comprehensive pattern explainable by science, a pattern that can be used to turn one's potential into a greater reality." 

A Revolution In Understanding


In this second book of The Decoding Potential series, Dr. Bob Flower continues his mission of fostering a spirituality and materialism and helping you discover your natural intelligence.


A Revolution in Understanding presents a natural system for realizing the development of our potential. The book focuses on the  innate natural intelligence that we all possess, but do not recognize.

Your Exceptional Mind


​This third book book of The Decoding Potential series covers how to access that little understood portion of our brain which has so much control over us and our life events.

This book covers the findings of over 25 years of research and development concerning the mind sciences and the achievement sciences, conducted and developed by the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, Ltd. The exceptional mind is a state of consciousness we all possess but access infrequently. There are two other general states of mind we tend to function with - the automatic and the environmental (institutional) segments. The book discusses the nature of all three, gives examples and identifies traits within all three, which aids the reader in understanding themselves, others and their thinking profile.

How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things


A 42-page workbook that provides an introduction to Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI). It describes the Laws of Potential and the 13 Natural Intelligence's, and how you can use them to reach greater levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life.


The workbook includes a step-by-step diagnostic for examining your NaTI and creating a plan for improving your life by developing your potential.

Available as a downloadable PDF.

Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success


Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success is a how-to for Natural Intelligence.


The book examines a Natural Intelligence model that provides the means to take an issue or problem, define it, and then explain and investigate it from the standpoint of interrelated principles. The three basic groups of Natural Intelligence break down into 13 aspects of understanding Intelligence, Potential, Thinking and Behavior.

The Exceptional Mind and Student Success


The Exceptional Mind and Student Success addresses educational issues and works to unlock the potentials that will help first year college students to navigate the transitional challenges at the end of their high school careers.


Students, as well as educators and parents, are presented with proven formats for advancing education and educational achievement, experientially as well as scientifically. A fundamental architecture of direction leads participants to discover concrete laws of control, power and action.

The Great Secret of the Ancient Sites and Sacred Scriptures


"A new book by Robert J. Flower has received “Must Read” reviews.  The book takes us deep into the mysteries of life and sets loose a barrage of new insights into the mechanics of human thinking." - Westchester Country Club News, Fall, 2005

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