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 “I've been using Dr. Bob's tools for over 20 years.  His incisive views were the first thing that I found useful, and his anti-program has provided me with clarity. In part, it sets issues into a very comprehensive setting — extremely well organized for me to view the entire situation with strong alternatives. Dr. Bob makes things easy that once seemed so complicated and where a solution was previously out of reach.”

- Gerard Gagliano, Independent software creator

“One of the highlights…happened when we went through our own traits and crossed out our positive traits... at that point my perception about my potential changed dramatically.  Dr. Flower made me see that walking into a situation I can see both the potential outcome as well as the neutral and positive take on any given situation, and then minimize the negative.” 

- Terry Lozoff, Managing Director, Boston

“Flower has discovered a truth & comprehension vehicle which great thinkers were not able to.  That puts him in some select company.” 

- Dr. Derald Langham, award winning geneticist and contemporary of Buckminster Fuller

"I have found Dr. Robert Flower's program to be informative, insightful, and stimulating. The 13 natural principles that are the foundation upon the Laws of Potential are built provide a strategy for broadening one's thinking and serve as a guide to create new possibilities that may be unforeseen and unknown in one's life." 

Dr. Rosemary J. Uzzo, Educational consultant

“Bob and I have been friends for many years. We met while doing some competitive clay target shooting and I began having discussions with him about being in "the zone" while competing. He was able to redefine for me what that state of mind really was and taught me how to turn it on at will. I took this knowledge with me to state and national level competitions and two Olympic pre-trials. Natural Intelligence works!” 

--Sal Pepe, President, Pepe Auto Group

“This system will surely assist in Potential Achievement.”

– H. Bradley Cox, Olympic oversight Ice Skating Judge

“This system forces honesty.” 

- A. Ferrara, ATT Long Lines Engineer

“Once in a great while, the world realizes an exceptional human talent. A unique system of converting scientific principles into common sense.”

- Alan Johnson, former Chairman of Brown & Williamson

“I’ve collaborated with Bob for nearly two decades. I have found his concept of multiple intelligences to be comprehensive and useful in emerging new insights and fundamental understandings about people, events and the mysteries of science and life. I often use the principles to comprehend complex social and economic issues, to deal more effectively with everyday problems, and to answer daunting questions about life purpose and meaning.” 

- Steve Beller, PhD., clinical psychologist and President, National Health Data Systems, Inc. (NHDS)

“Now as a chiropractor I’ll deal with [stresses] on a physical level, as a clinical nutritionist, on a bio chemical level. The thing I find interesting about the Laws of Potential is that I’m able to actually deal with emotional issues, dealing directly with the system that Dr. Bob developed; the 13 natural intelligences. And quite often a person will say, ‘why does the same thing keep happening to me’, it’s because they have this hidden belief system.  Dr. Bob’s model allows us to get into those hidden systems, those unconscious belief systems and uncover it. You can see immediate major changes take place with people which will manifest both on a physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual level.” 

- Dr. James Striano, D.C., Hudson Valley Chiropractic & Nutrition

“Sounds complicated but ends up Genius – Results!”

- Nick Morano, President, Progresso Soups, South America

“I just read the report you sent me. Could not agree more on your assessment. You hit the nail on the head.”

– Max Buckley, Pro Golfer

"What he (Flower) has discovered is a universal language, this is something great minds such as Leibniz, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Riemann and many others were unable to attain. That puts him in some very select company."  

- Professor M. Ramadan, Executive Director of the United Nations Society for Enlightenment and Transformational Intelligence (U.N.S.E.A.T.I.)

 “For the past 30+ years, we have known Dr. Bob personally and professionally. His work in Life Science is impressive. The ability of his Natural Intelligence format to bring about clarity and understanding and then applying it to potential development is exciting and profound."

- Les Fehmi, Ph.D., Pioneer in the field of biofeedback, affiliate member of the Department of Medicine at Princeton University Medical Center, Author of Open Focus, past consultant for Dallas Cowboys Conditioning Coach Bob Ward and New Jersey Nets Coach Stan Albeck

 “I took a look at [Dr. Bob’s] material; I felt that there was an honest and sincere application for the education field. It focuses not on academics, but on a state of mind. On getting a student to shed many of the bad habits; lack of organizational commitment to any type of education, in any particular class, in any curriculum, any subject matter, and to start getting serious about understanding and discovering his or her own potential. Those bad habits were getting in the way for a lot of the students from experiencing success and achieving. [The students] do have ability; to kind of crack open their minds, to make their minds exceptional in that sense and to rely on themselves mostly for creating better organizational skills, for locking into material in a more comprehensive way, how to become better critical thinkers on their own and to rely on themselves.”

- John Dolgetta, Retired Educator, Author.

“I quit a comfortable career in academia and took my chances in corporate America. I eventually ended up as the number three man in the world at Equitable Life Corp. Many of the principles I utilized during my career, Dr. Flower has codified and validated in his discovery of the Laws of Potential and Natural Intelligence and Thinking. Had I benefit of his counsel the, life would have been easier and more fun. Today I consult with Dr. Bob on any of my fiscal objectives.”

- Gary Billings, Ph.D., Retired corporate executive, author of “Self-Leadership”, educator and consultant.

“You know it's a fact that everybody is interested in improving themselves, in self-development and in finding a purpose in life. But for many, it's very difficult to do. Dr. Flower presents the philosophies and the mechanics for a new social contract; one that combines materialism and spirituality into a functional framework.”

– Doug Llewelyn, Close-Up TV News

“An utterly fascinating system of clarity, understanding and interpretation; It helped me to stop limiting myself, it helped me to understand that there’s probably a lot more to me then I have recognized even this far.”

Terry Anderson (a journalist for the Associated Press in Lebanon who was taken hostage by Shiite Hezbollah militants and held from 1985 until 1991)

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